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Installation of WiFi at St John’s Primary School, Weymouth, Dorset.

A Blast From the Past…. st johns


Last time I was at St John’s School I was probably heading to assembly or off to a lesson but that was 18 years ago. They certainly didn’t have WiFi then. Turning up 18 years later and some staff still remember you is impressive (or worrying). Anyway on with the installation.

Installation of Wireless Access Points (AP’s) throughout a school can be a challenging install with the amount of users per AP and with clients “logging in” all at once. The load on the access point at this time can be heavier than that of an AP running constant users. In a small office for instance most users turn up at different times during the morning and log on from their wireless device individually or———–Read More———-



Nov 21, 2014 @ 15:52

Installation of WiFi at United Church Dorchester


Our latest WiFi installation was at the United Church Dorchester. The customer required good coverage over the front and rear of the site as the existing WiFi aerial was not up to the job.

The current setup was a “home broadband” Router with built in WiFi.

Photo 06-11-2014 17 16 54 (600 x 474)

The new WiFi installation utilised the latest Ubiquiti Long Range Wireless AP’s (Access Points). The UniFi AP-LR offer a fantastic Range coverage of up to 600ft in Ideal conditions. We knew that the church would be  ————-Read More——————